The historical Dr. GIBAUD® brand, introduced into Italy by Dual Sanitaly, has followed the evolution of our country for seventy years. Over this period, the “well-being” concept has changed.

The renowned Gibaud man has evolved following these changes, contributing to the well-being of millions of people, gaining their confidence, becoming part of the Italian history of costume and advertising.
Today, though its daily presence in specialised outlets using window posters and displays, the company continues to maintain the quality image that consumers and distributors have associated for decades with the Dr. GIBAUD® products and other Dual Sanitaly brands.

Dr. Gibaud

Comprehensive line of products indicated for orthopaedic pathologies in adults and children, including wool braces for the prevention of rheumatic affections, thermo-active plasters and fabric products for joint immobilisation and sports activities.


Innovative line of orthopaedic products designed to protect and support the joints without giving up an active and normal lifestyle.

Support stockings, socks and tights with calibrated compression, control panties, corn plasters and wart removers, orthopaedic aids. Products designed and manufactured by Dual Sanitaly according to the Medical Devices standards; raw material and production subjected to constant quality control to guarantee their efficiency and long life.

Linea Cosmetici Gehwol
A comprehensive range of products for foot care and protection. These products originated in Germany, drawing on over one hundred years of experience. A solid tradition of cosmetic products developed using extensive studies by chemists and biologists. A commitment to research with a constant purpose: the use of wholly natural raw material. The GEHWOL® cosmetic line complements the curative line to protect the most sensitive areas of the foot.